Types and sessions



Workshop aims to create a space for non-formal dialogue between stakeholders on 3 strategic priority areas of the conference: Transition and Sustainability of Harm Reduction; New Harm Reduction; and Drug Policy. Each workshop will summarize challenges of respective topic and provide ‘’asks’’ for the decision makers. Results of the workshops will be translated into Declaration of conference. Totally, 3 parallel workshops will take place during the conference on the second working day. Length of each workshop is 60 minutes.


Closing Session

Conference closes by a session that brings in closing remarks and summaries from organizers, as well as results of workshops, presented by moderators. Session also includes presentation of Declaration of conference. 


Opening session

Conference opens by a session that features welcome speeches and statements from organizers and community of people who use drugs. 


Plenary sessions

The daily plenary brings all conference delegates together every morning and features policy and decision makers, local and international experts and community leaders. 2 plenaries in a row will take place in the first part of each day. Each plenary will be dedicated to each of the conferences’ strategic priority areas: Transition and Sustainability of Harm Reduction; New Harm Reduction; Drug Policy; Donors and Funding. Average length of each plenary is from 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Parallel Sessions

Parallel sessions focuses on practice and challenges, and provides more detailed analyses and dialogue of strategic issues covered within plenaries. Parallel sessions bring together practitioners, harm reduction workers, peer educators, advocates and community representatives. Totally, 3 parallel sessions will take place during the conference on first working day. Length of each parallel session is 90 minutes.