Exhibition of Successful Drug Policies

National Harm Reduction Conference conducts a modeled exhibition of successful Drug Policies, where drug policy is a part of a public health and is targeted towards better health outcomes, well-being and human rights of people who use drugs. 

Exhibition will bring up case studies of different countries and how drug policy reform transformed lives of people and society and was translated into better public health outcomes, including improved response to HIV and HCV epidemics. 

Exhibition acts as an advocacy installation to convince decision makers about positive outcomes of drug policy reform and influence them to decriminalize drug use in the country.

Case studies of following countries will be exhibited: 

Exhibition Booth №1

Drug Policy in Portugal


Exhibition Booth №4

Drug Policy

in Czech Republic


Exhibition Booth №2

Drug Policy

in Netherlands


Exhibition Booth №5

Drug Policy

in The State of Colorado


Exhibition Booth №3

Drug Policy

in Switzerland