Organising partners


GHRN was established in 2006 and currently network unites 26 Non-governmental organizations, whose activities are directly connected to the field of harm reduction, advocacy of human rights and related issues.

GHRN is the key actor to deliver low threshold harm reduction services to PWIDs in Georgia. Apart from service delivery, GHRN pursues advocacy strategies based on human rights and public health principles. It actively promotes evidence based drug policies. GHRN is a strong advocate of community systems strengthening and community’s inclusion in decision-making and implementation processes at all levels.


National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) is designated as a leading agency for public health in the country. 

The Center develops national standards, guidelines, facilitates improvement of public health, provides disease surveillance, immunization program, laboratory testing, control the biosafety, implements research, ensures expert advice and responds to public health emergencies. The NCDC provides health statistics to monitor population health and guide adequate policy actions. 

Protection and improvement of health of Georgian population through scientific, evidence-based prevention, preparedness, and timely response to public health threats is a mission of NCDC. 

Since 2014 the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health has been implementing the Global Fund’s HIV and TB Programs in Georgia as a principal recipient of the grants.


Communico Society, a Tbilisi-based CSO working on communications and civic campaigning, is responsible for developing and implementing communications strategy for the 2019 National Harm Reduction Conference.